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Christian Apocalyptic Dystopian Fiction

Book One of the Search Series

Searching for Refuge

“In a world where the government deems anyone without the mark an enemy, Amina and her community of Notzrim live each day hoping they won’t be found. But after nine years, their time is up. Amina’s only hope is to find a new refuge. Can she prove to everyone else the threat is real and get them to leave before it’s too late?”

For nine years twins Amina and Aiden survived, hidden in the underground tunnels. But when a mysterious newcomer appears, Amina realizes they are on the verge of being discovered. Now, they must make an impossible decision: stay and fight: risking their lives along with hundreds of others. Or escape to a new refuge that may hold more enemies than before.

Either way, the clock is ticking.

Book two of the Search Series

Searching for Direction

Just as the pieces come together, they’re shattered again.

Amina returned home victorious, only to have her world shattered. The Myriad abducted her twin brother, Aiden, and she’s determined to get him back.

Amina hands Salome the daunting task of guiding the Notzrim to their new home and to the unwelcoming Hebrew residents. No matter what she does, someone will not be happy.

Meanwhile, Aiden discovers the identity of his captor and the extraordinary lengths they will go to entice him to stay. The only question that remains is whether Aiden will give up everything he believes in for this new and unexpected opportunity.

Book three of the Search Series

Searching for Atonement

How do you set things right when everyone is against you?

Salome, Amina and the Notzrim are safe in the valley and far from the murderous Myriad. As Salome determines to bring about peace between the Hebrews and Notzrim, suspicious occurrences start. The harder Salome pushes for peace, the more dangerous life becomes. Now, Salome and Amina must find a way to stop these occurrences before everything they worked so hard for is destroyed.

Meanwhile, after facing the horrific truth about the Myriad, Aiden refuses to stand by and do nothing. When he pitches his grand idea to the small Notzrim militia, they laugh in his face. How can one tiny group take on the world and survive?

Paxton wanted to make amends and prove he wasn’t the enemy anymore, and it cost him everything. Now, Paxton is surrounded by his past, fighting to hold on to his new identity and keep his promise to Amina. The only problem is his past has a deadly grip.

In a world where so many books, shows, etc are just different versions of the same story it is wonderful to find a book like this one!! Searching for Refuge is both fresh and inspired. The world is beautifully crafted and the characters thoughtfully written. I just loved it!!
Christian Apocalyptic Dystopian Fiction