A Book Review on Mercy Rising: The Prophecy by DC Little

Two Souls Intertwined by One Powerful Prophecy

All her life, Mercy lived in the hidden valley of Zion, away from the dangers that riddled the Forbidden and threatened civilization. For twenty years Mercy learned how to live off the land and train for any potential dangers. She is the daughter of one of Zion’s leaders, the best hunter and warrior there is, and determined not let her prophesied destiny determine how she needs to live her life. It’s not until Mercy stumbles upon a stranger in the forest, caught under a tree and nearly frozen to death, that Mercy sets in motion her true destiny. No matter how hard she fights against it, Mercy can’t stop the changes that are coming, all she can do is choose to live our what she’s been told her entire life. That she is the key to everyone’s survival.

I was so excited when I started reading this book. I finally found a series comparable to my own. If you like the Search Series, you’ll really enjoy The Mercy Chronicles by D.C. Little. A group who live secretly in the refuge of a valley, believe in the Creator, and must be prepared at any moment for an invasion reminded me so much of Amina’s community hidden in the secret tunnels.

The main character, Mercy, is a strong-willed, quick-tempered, and independent young woman who wants nothing more than to make her own choices and see that her people are taken care of. Part of Zion’s security for growth is that all the women (which are few) chose a mate when they come of age. This ensures children and the continuation of their people. The only problem is that the women continue to dwindle and Mercy has no interest in settling down. She wants the freedom of being a warrior and not be tied down by children and housekeeping.

One day, during a lone hunting expedition in the snow, Mercy stumbles upon a man in need and there’s something eerily familiar about him. His eyes. She’s seen those eyes before in her dreams. Having a strong inexplicable connection to this man, Mercy chooses to bring him back to Zion before he freezes to death. This of course raises all kinds of suspicion about the man (Orion), where he came from, why he was out in the forest alone, and what they should do with him.

Because the story is written in both Mercy and Orion’s point of views, you learn earlier in the book who Orion is, why he’s in the forest, and what his real objective is. He is the adopted son of the Coalition leader from the Forbidden and has been sent on a mission to find Zion, learn their ways of survival, and kill the man who killed his father. (If you’re not familiar with my book Searching for Refuge, this is also a similar plot point in my book as well).

I’m all about a book with strong characters and their relationships with one another and D.C. Little does a great job building the characters.

Mercy struggles with what is means to be a leader. She wants to lead and she wants to do it well. She’s also fighting against the expectations of getting married. She’s a free spirit who doesn’t want to be tied down and feels she cannot lead well if she’s married. I love seeing how she relies and seeks wisdom from the Creator to guide her. Ultimately it is the Creator who reassures her of her destiny as a leader and the savior of her people.

Orion is also a great character who I loved seeing struggle with how he was raised (by a cruel and desperate man thirsty for blood) and his own innate morality. Through the kindness of Mercy and the people of Zion, Orion starts to second guess his mission.

Overall, the book was a fun read with moment of suspense, tension, and character growth. I enjoyed seeing the friendship developing with Mercy and Orion as well as their interactions with Mercy’s brother Tucker. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean reads with good suspense and survival tactics beautifully woven throughout.